Friday, October 2, 2009

Chair Affair

We normally visit the orphanage in Frutillar twice a week: sometimes to chat with the houseparents, Marcelino and Sophia, sometimes to watch a movie with the kids or take them somewhere to play, and sometimes just to say hello. Jude always loves our visits, and the kids just love Jude right back. The girls take a special liking to him. He has that effect;) This week, Jude got trumped by his diaper bag, though. I've always found its contents rather run-of-the-mill, but it quickly became more exciting than the soccer game!
Ariel was soon engaged in an important phone conversation (on my old cell I brought from home, that obviously doesn't work here but serves as a "toy" for Jude)

Jhonny started downing Jude's sippy...

And Vivianna found the camera for a few self-portraits...

I had no idea our stuff was so interesting! I did manage to turn the camera on Dahlia though...right before she asked if she could borrow the old cell phone and return it when we go back to the States:)

Back at our casa, Jude has 2 new loves: chocolate milk and his new plasitc chair. I let him finish a carton of chocolate milk I was drinking because he loves straws so much, and he's decided to try and drink all straw-bearing drinks without the use of his hands. It's cute until it ends up all over him:)

I got this chair from the grocery store because he's been trying to sit in our kitchen chairs and can't stay in them too well yet. (We found some similar little chairs at a store a few days ago but were told they were only for RENT...what??) I figured he'd like sitting at the coffee table and eating snacks in it, but he doesn't. He prefers dragging it to windows and peering outside. And also leaving it in bad spots like in front of the toilet for us to trip over. I'm pleased to report he's only fallen off backwards on his head ONCE.

Other than that, we're just gearing up for our first visitors! Ted's dad and Thom will be here Tuesday and we're really looking forward to it. They'll spend the first part of their trip hanging out with us in Cochabamba, and then we're all going to Peru to visit Machu Picchu, which we are so excited about!