Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just About Christmastime

We had a Christmas party for the kids at Frutillar on Friday. It included lots of sugar, and Jude got a little wound up! It was fun to have everyone together and we finally got a group picture. Little Maria is the one in the pink pants. She was napping when the party started, and Marcelino woke her up and brought her a brownie and some chocolate milk. She sat there quietly and didn't touch her treat for a long time, and finally said that she didn't want to eat her brownie until someone prayed with her. Precious baby girl:)

Here's me at 16 weeks. My baby bump has arrived! It showed up just this week, and it came bearing gifts: my lower back has started aching when I lift Jude now. It probably doesn't help that I wiped out on some tile stairs the other day, holding Jude while I was leaving a laundromat in the rain! (I know of very few Cochabambinos who don't have an awful falling story somewhere in the city...we call them "gringo traps" and its totally not our fault, right?) Anyway, I'm feeling fine and the baby seems to be growing as it should. I try to get to the gym once or twice a week but when its hot outside and there's no AC at the gym, its hard to get motivated. Plus, the amount of 12 yr. olds working out furiously around me is disturbing, combined with the nearly X-rated Spanish MTV which makes me cringe for said 12 yr. olds.
We're looking forward to a little vacation to Lake Titicaca over Christmas, which we're so excited about because 1) It's colder there and 2) We've heard how incredibly beautiful it is! We fly out tomorrow, and we're taking our computer so we don't miss any Skype time on Christmas Day:) We miss you all terribly, especially right now, and want to say that we love you and hope your holiday celebrations are special and memorable, and that everyone gets a moment to recognize the magnitude of what we celebrate..."God and sinners reconciled."


Brooke Burtnett said...

Have a Merry Christmas! You look fantastic- not that I am surprised. Tell Ted hello and give Jude a hug! Miss you- Brooke

Leah said...

You look great, and what a blessing you're there to spend some time with all of those kiddos. Have a great Christmas!