Saturday, December 12, 2009

Beat the Heat

Well, its warmer this month than any month we've been here, at least to me. It's the rainy season now but it doesn't rain nearly as much as I anticipated, just some passing storms every few days. But mostly its hot and sunny, and although I'm trying to appreciate that for all the people back home that I know would LOVE this, its sure making it hard to get in the Christmas spirit right about now! Ted and I have been streaming live radio stations from Indiana to listen to Christmas music in the house, and shake our heads when we hear the single-digit temps and snow forecasts...then pour ourselves another iced tea and open the windows a little wider! Is this what Florida people feel like?

I know these are late, but here are some pictures from Thanksgiving at the Timmer's house. The kids swam and then we had a huge feast! Jude spent some time with their monkey, and found himself a lady-friend...there's a picture of him reeling after his first kiss! (which was forced upon them by their respective parents from behind their cameras, but was really kind of sweet) True love.

We've been doing a lot of work at home lately and Jude has been very accomodating of us when we're sitting behind a computer and not playing with him, so we had a "Jude Day" and took him to do his favorite things: play at the park and run around Burger King, the only American chain here that tastes VERY close to the real thing! He also discovered a passion for milkshakes, or rather, Mom's milkshake.

Jude's two favorite things in life right now are airplanes and guitars. He screams "Woah!" and races to the window every time he hears a plane, and has been playing his fly swatter like a guitar for so long that we broke down and found him a little toy one at the Saturday market. He sleeps from about 8-8 every day (yes, he sleeps in til almost 8am most mornings!) and I'm happy to say he's been taking one afternoon nap consistently for a few weeks now. Today, he slept with his guitar, which is weird for him since the only thing ever in his crib is his "cow." He loves YouTube videos of people playing the guitar, and episodes of Sid the Science Kid that we downloaded from iTunes for him. I transferred his love of milkshakes to dinnertime and now (this is gross) mix milk, strawberry yogurt, and pureed fruits and vegetables into a horrible-looking toddler V-8 shake that he actually really likes. If he won't eat his vegetables, he will drink them, and he will like it.


Emmalee said...

Love those Monkey Trunks :)

Leah said...

This milkshake sounds like a great idea!! Do you blend it or just shake/stir?? What veggies??

Ted, Caroline, and Jude Mosey said...

Leah, I just stir it and I keep a tupperware of pureed fruits (all kinds mixed together) and one of veggies (cauliflower, green beans, and carrots mixed) and dump a spoonful in whatever looks like it might hide it well!