Saturday, January 23, 2010

Babe Update

Just an update on Numero Dos. We had our 5 month appointment this week and the ultrasound told us everything we NEEDED to in, normal size, organs functioning, placenta in a good spot, amniotic fluid fine, 10 fingers/10 toes, etc, which is fantastic and what every parents hopes to hear. But did we find out what we WANTED to know....? Those of you who know us, know we didn't find out the sex when I was pregnant with Jude. This never bothered me, and Ted and I both found it kind of fun to play the guessing game all the way til D-Day, and it sure gives you motivation to get that baby OUT when you want to know what it is!
However, yesterday at the appointment, I had some serious wavering going on. Serious. When the dr. looked at us and "So do you want to know what you're having?" I almost grabbed him by his scrub shirt and screamed "YES!" I don't know why the anxiousness this time. Maybe its the fact that here in Cochabamba, my hands are tied when it comes to buying things or preparing for this baby, and I want something certain and concrete to hold me over (?) Maybe its the fact that I know several pregnant mamas who are finding out and its infectious. Anyway, I made the mistake of looking at Ted and remembered how much he loves surprises, and we left the appointment none the wiser.
Today is different. My baby is healthy and growing, and in this lovely and merciful "not too big yet" stage, gives me little kicks and punches to remind me of that, and I'm content again replaying my 2 different daydreams. Whoever it is, I'm already completely in love anyway. Would it be easier to know the sex for planning purposes? Absolutely. But maybe planning is overrated anyway:) And planning pales when Ted gets to meet my (somewhat dazed) gaze in the delivery room and be the one to tell me whether we'll be taking home a son or a daughter. He's the one who told me I was pregnant in the first place (long story there) and he's the only one I want to tell me the rest of the story. Let the waiting begin!


The Lingley's said...

You guys are some strong rocks thats for sure because i could NEVER wait till the end to find out... i hate surprises and i'm totally one of those people who has to know, and has to know now!! LOL!! Soooooo of course your waiting till then end is killing me with anticipation!! i can't wait to hear what your second angel will be!!

Emmalee said...

I had to read this really fast to see if you actually found out! Even Chad was like, what is it?!? You got us...surprise reveal :)

Beth said...

Ahhhh the suspense!!! I can see how this time it'd feel like finding out would help, but your resolve is sooo impressive! I can't wait to see you three and your extremely cute bump. Love you!

Brooke Burtnett said...

I agree with Emmalee- I skipped around the post looking for bold letters or all caps exclaiming "boy" or "girl". Dang!!!

Ted, Caroline, and Jude Mosey said...

Sorry! It's just an attempt to keep my readership up:)