Saturday, January 16, 2010


It was a good week! We have a new intern who just arrived a few days ago and we love her! Her name is Annabel (Annie) and she's from Bath, England and she has a lovely accent:) She'll be working with us in Cochabamba for the next 5 months and we're so excited to have her here. We spent the week introducing her to the city and to the kids, and yesterday we took all of them to a park downtown to play. We piled into 2 taxis (chicos vs. chicas....Ted swung better taxi fares both ways) and had a great time, despite the short afternoon rainstorm. We brought them home pretty muddy, but it was worth it.

Ted has been busy running his rear end off several times a week, getting ready for the Music City Marathon in Nashville. He's enlisting the support of family and friends (ahem...YOU!) because he's running for our kids here in Bolivia, to help raise support for the existing orphanages and the ones to come. He's even set up a website with pictures and details, check it out at The race is April 24 and he needs people to keep him company while he runs (the half or full marathon) and people to donate as well. I'd encourage everyone to consider participating in this in some way. Ted is working really hard to train and I'm proud of him...running rain or shine, at 9,000 ft. in 85 degree heat with scary dogs chasing him! He literally runs with rocks to throw.
Here I am at 20 weeks. I'm halfway there and getting more excited:) I feel like there are so many things happening between now and June that I almost can't even think about it right now! Our official departure date from Bolivia is March 4, and we'll fly into Nashville and spend about a week before heading back up to Indy. It's hard not to "nest" right now...I have to fight the urge to shop for newborn things and decorate a nursery, at least for the next few months. For now, I do a lot of daydreaming:)

On a final note, we just want to reiterate how much we miss our COLTS. This season has not been the same and we're lamenting the fact that we can't be at the game tonight, tailgating with our friends and cheering them on! But I've got chili simmering as we speak and we're about to settle in front of our little computer and thank the dear Lord we can even WATCH the thing from here!


Lauren said...

Thanks for the pictures!! You look skinny...we need to fatten you up once you get home:) I can't believe you will be back in the next few months. We are so excited!! Love you.

Ted, Caroline, and Jude Mosey said...

Yes, that's the plan! I have a list of foods a mile long that I want and I plan to start the "tour" in the airports during layovers:) Can't wait to see you either and finally meet Jace.

Kimberly said...

Go, Ted, go!

We are looking forward to seeing you and can't believe you will be home so soon!

Jared and Carissa said...

How awesome that you have another intern there!! What specifically will she be doing there? We miss you guys and Coch so much!!!

Blair said...

Your belly is so cute!! I can't wait to see you!! Love you so much