Monday, February 15, 2010


I had some pictures to upload, so I'm posting some here from the weekend. We took the kids from Frutillar out for a water balloon fight, in true Carnaval fashion:) They had a blast, and trooped back to the orphanage soaking wet! Jude wasn't quite sure what to do with his balloons, but seemed to enjoy himself from his perch on the dryer.

We hung out on the roof of our apartment building this afternoon, enjoying the sun and letting Jude run around without fear of getting pegged with balloons. Our Spanish teacher gave Jude some "Canaval gifts" that included a little water gun, that he LOVES but generally squirts directly in his own face/eyes, which accounts for the rubbing in some of these pics:) (And please excuse his wild hedgehog hair...the result of waterguns, sweat, and sunscreen!) And just a few more pictures I thought were cute from around the house. Enjoy!

Here is my 6 month belly shot. My back aches some evenings, but otherwise, no complaints. Jude still has no clue what's going on. The last time I asked him where the baby was, he pointed at my nose.


Anthony, Stacey and Parker said...

You look great Caroline, and Jude is getting SO big and too cute! Loved reading your blog and getting caught up.

Beth said...

Oh my goodness!!! Jude is getting SOO big and is sooo cute!!! I can't get over it and really can't wait to give him a real-time hug! You look great, girl, and am ready for water balloon fights to be mutual, fun experiences...