Monday, March 1, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I've been meaning to update the blog for the past few days, but things have been snowballing here at the end of our stay. Tomorrow we leave Cochabamba, and saying our goodbyes has been anything but easy for us. Nine months doesn't seem that long, but it just feels like everything was amplified and intensified here in our short time. The good days felt amazing, the bad days felt overwhelming, and our relationships with people became involved and authentic much quicker than they seem to at home.
Here are some of the people who made our time here so meaningful...fellow International Teams missionaries, our partners the Timmers, our wonderful intern/roommate Annie, our friend and ever-patient Spanish teacher Tina, our landlords-turned-awesome-friends Ana and Jose, our dear friends Nathan and Kate (who managed to have their third baby girl this morning so we could meet her before we leave!), and of course, the kids at Frutillar, although we forgot to take many pictures when we said goodbye today:(

Serving and living in Cochabamba has been incredible, and I know we'll be processing and putting together all we've learned here for years to come. Ted and I were having coffee the other night and talking about things, and we're just so inspired and amazed by long-term missionaries. They give up so much and go to such great lengths because of their faith in God and for their love for other people. So many of the friends we met here don't just talk about their passions and visions with stars in their eyes saying "what if?"...they are doing it and living it every single day, in places where its not easy to do and with resources that aren't easy to get. Our life at home is so familiar and comfortable, and I've missed it so much while I was away. God said that as Christians, this world isn't our home. Don't get too comfortable. And that's such a struggle for me. It's easy in my "normal life" to trick myself into thinking the world is a great place and we're all doing OK. But the truth is that its filled with immense, intense, widespread suffering. And I'm probably not going to find it in the Starbucks drive-thru or while I browse Crate and Barrel (2 places I've missed like crazy!) I have to look for it and be intentional about finding it or else I'll never be able to play a part in changing it for someone. I fall so miserably short of that goal most of the time.

As you can probably tell, there's a lot tumbling around in our heads right now! We're so excited to be seeing our family and friends in just a few days and catching up! We go to Lima tomorrow and will be back in the US of A on the 4th! Please pray for our family as we embark on LOTS of traveling with a toddler in tow, for us as we say "Chao" to Cochabamba tomorrow, and for the energy to face the changes ahead once we're back. See you sooooooon! xoxo


Melissa said...
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Lauren said...

what a journey you have been on!!! Be safe coming home. Know that you have friends and family all around the world that love you guys and are proud of you. I know it will take a while to process everything. We are praying for a smooth transition back in the states....can't wait to talk to you soon!!!

Leah said...

We'll be praying for a safe return. So proud of you guys for what you have done. xoxo

Beth said...

We're so proud of you and absolutely can't wait to see your faces in all of their un-pixelated glory! Call us when you can--we'll be anxiously waiting. Love you!