Thursday, July 22, 2010

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

I finally caught a picture of Ada's smile:) She's such a sweet little thing. So far she is doing everything just a tad earlier than Jude (holding up her head, sleeping a bit longer, etc). She's pretty consistent in her moods and what she likes and communicating what she needs, so its getting easier to read her. She's sleeping 6 hours now, then wakes up to eat and sleeps another 3 so our nights are much easier! At her 2 month checkup she weighs 11 lb. 7 oz. Without really noticing, we've evolved into a little groove at home that's--dare I say?--pretty manageable and fun! We've moved out of "survival mode" and we're now fairly efficient at eating, napping, playing, and running errands in harmony. Jude and Ada have fun hanging out together and she is beginning to tolerate his squeezes and pats like a good sport.

Jude is in the repeating phase and says everything after me like a little parrot (which is tricky when asking him an "or" question. "Do you want bacon or turkey?" Jude: "Bacon! Or turkey!") My mom came up for a visit last week and Jude loved having his Memaw around. We went to the Childrens Museum and played outside a lot. Here are few pictures from this past week or so.

We're looking forward to lots of visitors in the next few weeks. My sister Renee and her girls are coming up on Monday, Ted's brother Peter will be here soon, our cousins Ethan and Cherrylynn and their 2 girls, and my friend Blair and her boyfriend Jeff are coming too! I have a feeling our grill will be getting lots of use!


Lauren said...

Caroline, the kids are ADORABLE!!! I love them so much:) And you too:)

Beth said...

Her smile is precious!!! Ohh I can't wait to smother her with kisses--I'm glad Jude's getting her ready for some Aunt B lovin'. And speaking of the little man, he just fit right in to that big brother role, huh?
Five days and counting till we're back...can't wait to see all of you Moseys!