Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So its Fall and that means activities are starting back up and I've decided we need a new schedule! All summer I've been pretty lax about the kids' schedules. We're big enforcers of bedtime at 8 and Jude's nap is generally around 1pm, but Ada pretty much does whatever she wants. And I've decided I don't like it. Newborns don't really stick to schedules and I've let her eat and sleep as she pleases all summer, but she's not a newbie anymore and I just realized this. With Jude, starting around 2 months old, I used to feed him and put him to sleep by my watch. But with Ada, I just feed her whenever I'm about to leave the house. And if we're home all day, it varies...sometimes I'll feed her every 2 hours, sometimes every 4. And we all start our day at different times. Ted is always up first. He gets up, eats breakfast, runs 4 miles, showers, sits on the front porch drinking coffee and reading his Bible, all before the rest of us even roll over. I've been trying to run a few mornings a week, and Ted asks that I get up by 8am to run and shower before he has to leave right before 9. Some mornings I am able to get up by then, some mornings not. Isn't that awful!? Jude and Ada both wake up somewhere between 8:30 and 9. Ted has pointed out several times that if we both wake up early, we can have a completely quiet morning to ourselves, and take advantage of the fact that we are parenting 2 sleepyheads!
So my goal is to start getting everyone--including myself--up earlier everyday. And get Ada on some semblance of an eating/nap schedule. I don't believe in structuring every bit of time for the kids because c'mon, they're kids, but I am ready to move out of "willy nilly" mode that I've blamed on having a new baby for far too long! Schedules, here we come!
This is probably the most boring blog anyone's ever read, but its all I've got to talk about today. Out of curiosity, what time do you and your kids start the day?

Actually, I do have an exciting bit of news! Some dear friends of ours are coming to visit in November. Nathan and Kate (and their 3 girls Lily, Daisy, and Poppy) were probably our closest friends when we were in Cochabamba. They're Australian, but moved to Bolivia a few years ago and have since started the Roots Association there ( They are incredible people and we've missed them a lot since we left. We've kept up since then, but I just couldnt imagine how we'd ever see each other in person again given the circumstances, and now they've told us this week they've planned a trip to Indy! We are beside ourselves with excitment. Our time in Bolivia feels like this other life to me, almost like a dream since it was so different from our life here, and I'm really looking forward to having a piece of that back. And showing them America!


Renee Wilson said...

I love schedules! That is, when I'm adjusted to them. With Isaac starting school, our schedule has changed a lot. The boys are in bed, lights out at 7pm. Seth and I are up no later than 6am. Boys are up at 6:30 am (we have to wake them up out of a deep sleep...our boys are sleepers, too!). Good luck!

Beth said...

I'm also a big fan of schedules, but have to be honest: I'm super jealous of sleeping until 9. My little regimented little monkey is a 7-7:30 kinda gal. All year long. (Every summer I beg and plead...) She's in bed by 8, though, so I can't complain. Good luck!

Cherrylynn and Ethan said...

We're a schedule family, too. Ainsley's not completely on one yet - I'm kind of following her lead. I can pretty much predict when she needs to go down and eat, but it's not completely by the clock yet. That said, she goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:00 and wakes up around 7:00 (of course usually waking up to eat at least once - though one time she gave me 12 hours {big smile}). Cadalyn goes down between 7 and 7:30 and wakes up between 7 and 7:30. Beth's right, 9:00 sounds heavenly - I don't think I'd mess with it if your other activities allow it. Good luck!