Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Smiley Face:)

I caught a few more of Ada's smiles this week:)

We are fine....things seem to be on autopilot for now. Jude is talking more every day and stringing together little sentences, which is really cute and adds lots of entertainment to our day. His current favorites are firetrucks and "machines" (bulldozers, forklifts, etc). He seems to think Ted is a construction worker, because every time we drive past a "machine" he screams "Daddy's working!" and points. He also thinks he's more than one person and constantly asks me to "Help us" when he's trying to put on a shirt or get a snack. The concepts of yours and mine get us terribly confused on an hourly basis...
Jude: "That's yours, don't take it!"
Me: "No, that's yours, this is mine."
Jude: Bewildered stare. "Mine? Don't touch yours!"
All I can say most days is....OMG. But he sure is cute:)

I can't believe its September. Today is hot, but I hear its supposed to be in the SEVENTIES over Labor Day weekend, yahooooo!! Here's to hoodies and socks and chili and football and crunchy leaves....come fast come fast come fasssst!


Cherrylynn and Ethan said...

Cadalyn did the same thing with 'you'. I think she thought her name was 'you' for a while because whenever we looked at a picture of her, I'd say, "That's You!", so when I asked who that was she'd say, 'You!'. Your's and You, Mine and me - that's tough stuff for a kiddo!

Cadalyn would also like to leave a message:
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We love you!
Cherrylynn and Cadalyn