Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, New Stuff!

Downsides of the week: snow that keeps piling up outside, frigid temps, two colds (both kids), a double ear infection (Jude, hence the rough-looking breakfast picture), some award-winning PMS (guess who), and the Colts playoff loss.

Upsides: Jude transitioned to a "big boy bed," Ada is working super-hard to crawl, Ted is pumped about a new year and goals at work, I ran outside in the freezing cold and actually liked it, I got to co-op in Jude's class and watch him in action with his "girlfriend" Abby (two dinner dates already--more on that later), and a very special Sunday with my husband.

So we were driving home from Nashville a few weekends ago and Ted says he wants to get baptized. He was baptized as a baby and said he really felt the desire to do it again by choice and with the understanding of its significance. He asked me to baptize him. I cried. And this past Sunday had the honor of baptizing the person who means more to me than anyone in the world. Ted is amazing and God does so much good through him. It was a happy day. And there were waders involved, with is always a plus :)

We've been trapped inside a lot lately tripping over each other and wishing we could play outside, so I ordered everyone into the car for an emergency Starbucks trip this morning in the howling snow. Then we headed to Kids Ink for a new train book, only had a few moments of tears when I dropped a book on Ada's head, and was actually turned down by my 2 yr old when I offered to buy him a cupcake. Hmm. Our children are silly geese!
I got a few snippets of life around our house this week.
This video pretty much sums up Jude these days:

And this video pretty much sums up Ada:


Emmalee said...

Those kiddos are getting cuter by the day! Little Miss Ada's cheeks are sooooo squeezable :) Glad to hear the running is going well. And thanks for making me tear up at work reading about Ted's it!

Beth said...

Those videos just made my week. xoxoxo