Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pushing Through Winter

I'm not sure why its been so long since my last post because we're bored! It seems like there's literally been snow on the ground since December, and we're just trying to make the best of this winter. I was so anxious to have some cold weather after missing it last year, but now...that Spring itch is getting worse every day!

Jude has graduated to a few "big boy" things. We converted his crib into a bed he can get in/out of now, and its working fine. We did this several weeks ago and he has yet to get out of it (he calls for us when he wakes up--I guess our presence sort of unfreezes him so he can climb out of bed). Falling out is a different story. I've gone in at least 4 times in the middle of the night to find him sprawled out on his pallet of pillows on the floor, and help him back into bed to his little "That was scary, Mom!" He's also getting better at the potty. This has been a dreadfully slow process that began in the summer, where he just randomly decides to use the potty but mostly does not. We've never pushed it very hard...Jude is not a kid to be rushed, but this week he's done so well with telling us when he needs to go to the bathroom that he went on a little father/son outing for some big boy underwear. He is SO pleased with his new Thomas the Train underpants, and backed his little booty around the house trying to see them in the mirror. And we haven't changed a dirty diaper in 5 days!

Jude's school had a family night at the Rivi the other weekend and the kids had a great time eating pizza and swimming together. It was a really nice change of pace, and I love that he's making some new friends and enjoys his class so much. He needs a break from Mom and Ada during the week sometimes! We've also spent some time outside when we can, sledding and playing in the snow. We visited the zoo one day too with Aunt Beth, Uncle Ross and Annabel, and saw a very cool dolphin show.

Ada is a happy little thing, although bouts of teething interrupt her mood at certain times. She gnaws furiously on everything. She's eating a lot more, getting into yogurt and beans and some other new stuff. I'm not sure whether to say she's crawling or not. She certainly gets around and crawls backwards with lightning speed, and sort of half crawls/half flops herself forward. She also has the famous crawling "rudder" leg that sticks out, and most of the time I dont know WHAT she's doing but she goes places. I hear a little squeal when she backs herself into corners or gets hung on a piece of furniture. We never used baby gates for Jude, but this house has a lot of stairs and I'm thinking they'll go up soon. She sleeps great, and is really just a pretty easy kid that doesn't give us too much grief! (Yet?? )

So hopefully we'll survive the rest of winter! I'm still enjoying nights by the fire and having more time to read and snuggle up with the kids, and I've got a little work and a few projects for the house to make it over the hump to spring. I think...


Lauren said...

They are getting so big! I don't know how you make it with all that snow up North! Hopefully spring and sun and green grass are just around the corner for us all:) Tyson was so proud of Jude for his successful potty trip the other day while we were on the phone!