Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fun in the Sun

We had such a great time in Florida. Ted and I kept our expectations dangerously low for the 26 (yep, 26) hour car ride roundtrip. Luckily, we were able to break it up by spending the night in Nashville going both ways, so the worst days were right at 8 hours on the road. However, I must say that the kids were awesome! Seriously, there was maybe 2 hours of grumpiness altogether. And most of that was me;) Ada was very compliant about drinking her bottles with cold gas station water...Jude with peeing on the side of the highway...and both with lots of McDonald's drive-thrus. Our little troopers:)
Our place was amazing! It was too much space for us, so we're looking for more people to join us next year if we go again! We were half a block from the beach and there was a pool right behind the house and restaurants within walking distance, and we were set:) Jude fell in love with his water wings, loved making sand castles, running on the "slippery" sand, and chose to sleep on the bathroom floor each night. Ada was mesmerized by the ocean and would lean forward out of my arms, pointing at it and screaming "Yayayayaya!" (Which I translated as, "Mom, this is truly perfect and beyond what I imagined. Thank you for bringing me to this lovely vacation spot." Obviously) She would perch on the beach towel next to me, chewing the house keys, and I could stretch out and relax...not what I expected! She did try to furiously crawl into the ocean a few times when we were close to the water, though. Everybody slept and took their naps really well, and we had fun eating out and also cooking at home (we made crabcakes, fish tacos and bacon-wrapped scallops, mmmmm!) We took the kids on a 2 hour boat ride one day to see dolphins, and drove to Seaside, FL one afternoon. Ted and I took turns going for runs on the beach, and caught up on sleep, and got time to read, and played cards, and made lots of fruity cocktails.
Did I mention we had a great time?


Lauren said...

What a great trip for you guys!! I am so happy it was more relaxing than anticipated and so much fun for everyone:) Can't wait to hear more about it soon!

Emmalee said...

Looks like a perfect family vacay! Can't wait to hear all the deets.

Beth said...

That sounds beyond heavenly. We're game for crashing the fun next year, it sounds perfect. xoxo