Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Sibs

I've been stalking Jude and Ada lately, peeking from around corners and hovering in doorways looking at my kids. I think they are adorable individually, and together they just make my day! Ada is now old enough to be picked on, and Jude takes every opportunity to "ride" her around the house while she crawls...which makes her squeal and cry. He also likes to stand in front of her and block her from where she's trying to go (especially if she's headed toward his trains or tracks) and yank things out of her hands that belong to him (which is basically everything, since we've barely bought the poor girl a toy of her own). On the flip side, Jude constantly kisses her on the head, sings songs about "sister Ada," and asks me, "Where did my Ada go?" when she's not around. I hear him explaining things to her ("No Ada, that puzzle piece goes THIS way") and when I do something silly that makes him laugh, he tells me to do it for Ada, too. He screams at her to be quiet in the car if she gets too loud (one less thing for ME to do;) and tries to tickle her and loves being the one to go into her room first when she wakes up from a nap. And I can tell she loves him back.

I don't think I've mentioned it on the blog yet, but I've been training for the half-marathon here in Indy for several months now. It's in 3 weeks. I started training with a friend that lives in my neighborhood and also goes to my church as a way to get rid of the extra junk in my trunk that Ada left me with:) But as the time has passed, I've really come to like it. Instead of blaring Beyonce in my headphones and thinking about the cheeseburger I need to run off and worrying how I'll ever be able to run 13 miles, lately its just been...peaceful, and kind of relaxing, now that I'm not struggling to stay alive! Anyway, my running partner hurt her knee on our run last weekend and she's giving away her spot to Ted, so now we're running it together. Stay tuned for how it goes!

Ted organized a work event downtown that was a big success this week, and I just had a series of deadlines for the past few weeks that I just finished up today, and we are going to shut the books and GO ON VACATION! We're driving (yes driving, I'm trying to stay positive about this) to Destin, FL and our plans for next week are as follows: swim, eat, nap, read, repeat.


Beth said...

They are so stinking cute together! That brother/sister love reminds me of my youth...

Good luck on the drive--I know once you get there it's gonna be wonderful and peaceful and beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures.

Love you