Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Highlights

Whoa, its been a while since I've updated the blog (or my food blog for that matter) but today, they are both getting updated if its the last thing I do! Let's see, October....

It kicked off with a wedding down in Nashville. My dear friend Lynne married a great guy (that we went to high school with, so the groom is a friend as well!) and had the prettiest day/weekend ever to tie the knot. She had a bridesmaid brunch at this awesome little cafe called Fiddlecakes, a gorgeous rehearsal dinner at Arrington Vineyards (I think it belongs to Brooks of Brooks and Dunn, remember them?) and the most perfect wedding. The ceremony was in the garden behind an old historic home in downtown Franklin and we just danced the night away afterwards!

Speaking of October weddings in Nashville, Ted and I celebrated our 6th anniversary this month too:) Man, time seems to be speeding up. Sometimes I can't believe its been 6 years already...but then sometimes I can! We've lived in 3 houses and 2 apartments and had 3 cats (God rest 2 of their souls) and visited 8 countries and changed jobs and careers and driven 9 (yes I counted) cars and had 2 babies, and that seems like a lot for just six years! I wonder what the next 60+ years have in store for us:) I have learned a few things in these first 6 years, but the biggest thing I've learned is that I'm dang lucky.

What else? Our dear dear DEAR friends Nathan and Kate came to visit us. When we hugged goodbye in Cochabamba we seriously thought that was it, but we were laughing that I guess our friendship is meant to be because this is the third time we've seen them since then! They've stopped in the US 3 times now going back and forth between Australia and Bolivia, and they came through for 4 days last week and stayed with us. They just had their 4th and I think final baby--a boy this time!--and we had the best time. Since they've seen Indy there was no pressure to bustle around showing them stuff, so we just leisurely hung out. Ted took a day off work and we strolled around Mass Ave. and went out for lunch, and cooked a lot at home, and took the kids out for ice cream and duck-feeding, and had some wine around the backyard fire at night, and watched 6 kids run around the house like crazy! They are doing such great things in Bolivia through their Roots Association (want to visit Bolivia? Nathan knows a great place for fresh goat milk) and we just love any time spent with them. You know those friends you have that are just the real deal...the ones that you can share anything with and who just make you better by being around you? Nathan and Kate are those kind:)

We let the kids choose a pumpkin. We just went over to Locally Grown Gardens at 54th and the Monon and got a nice one, and some of their bomb Italian coffee. Ada screeched and ran wildly up and down the rows of pumpkins until she pulled a huge one off the table onto herself and then she was done:) She absolutely loves Fall! She stoops down and picks up a leaf every time we walk outside, and waves it around festively.

We carved them last night. Well, Ted and I did the work while the kids had a dance party in the living room.

We also went to the Halloween festival in Irvington (no pictures, sorry) and had dinner in Fountain Square, and Ted took us to the coolest little coffee shop ever called Calvin Fletcher Coffee Co. near downtown, where Jude inhaled a chocolate chip cookie the size of his head.

Ted went hunting a couple weekends ago and shot a deer with a BOW and ARROW. Ladies, I've got myself a MAN! His buddy Sam came over last night with the meat, so I'm currently in the process of dreaming up some deer recipes.

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I'm excited to trick-or-treat with the kids. We just love our neighborhood and all the people in it, and we especially love raiding the kids candy buckets!