Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Half Bday, Ada!

Ada is 18 months old today. How did this happen?? It feels like yesterday Ted and I were huddled over that spanish pregnancy test, and now we've got a full-blown little lady galloping around the house!

I really like 18 months. Its when I feel like I truly know my kids. Of course I know them before then, but this is the magical time when their little personalities shine through and I can count on how they'll react and what to expect and what their little hearts are like. I don't want to compare Ada to Jude but I have to; they're so much alike! Ada has his gentle spirit. She has his caring heart, and his long fingers, and most of his FACE except her rounder, more flirty and feminine eyes. She has his sensitivity to people and situations. She cries when other kids get hurt and cry. Maybe because it freaks her out, but I choose to believe its because she's sympathetic:)

She's a great sleeper. 8pm to nearly 8am everyday, and a killer nap in the afternoons. She LOVES her bed and seems so genuinely relieved when I put her down in it. My mom gave me a pillowcase that I embroidered with pink flowers (I was like, 12 years old and it shows!). I put it on Ada's pillow last week and almost cried when I laid her sweet head on it...I'm so happy I have a daughter to share a pink flowery pillowcase with, and a lifetime of endless girly stuff to pass along and bits of womanly wisdom I've tried to retain, in case I had a girl of my own someday to listen. There are so many undesirable parts of me that I don't want Ada to see or inherit, but a piece of me is always looking for myself in her, and always looking for the parts that are uniquely hers.

She's a good eater. She loves, um, nearly everything. She stomps into the kitchen when I'm at the stove, clings to my leg and peers up at me until I get her up on my hip to check out what's cooking. She points and babbles about each boiling pot and samples just about anything. My favorite is when I hold a fork out to her--loaded with food--and she runs to me from across the room with her mouth wide open! (this will result in an injury someday) She's getting super good with a fork. And one of her favorite (and only) words in "milk," which kind of sounds like "yuck" but we get it:) She's also a big talker, she just needs to learn English. Ted and I joke that she's a Samurai warrior, because she walks around shouting Japanese-sounding phrases with threatening arm gestures and a furrowed brow sometimes. What's up, Ada? You want some of this?

She really seems to like new places and venues, which is different from Jude. Her curiosity is a bit bolder than his was at this age. There are never tears or clinginess when I drop her off at Mothers Day Out or the church nursery or a friend's house for babysitting. She just beelines to a cool new toy and gets busy. She doesn't need a lot to keep her occupied, and can sit and flip through a book or play alone for quite a while. She loves Veggie Tales movies and probably watches them more than she should, and breaks out in a huge grin and a little swaying dance when you sing her the theme song:) She loves playing outside. No matter how hot or cold, she tries (and sometimes succeeds) in breaking out of the house to tromp around in the backyard, kicking soccer balls and playing house and yanking leaves off plants and just screaming skyward with her arms over her head. OMG she's cute!!!

She adores her big brother. She follows him around the house, trying to join in on a game of trains or building tracks. Someday he'll wise up and let her play with him (just not today). She innocently grabs his toys and when he snatches them back, she knows exactly the look to give me, coupled with a wounded cry, to get me to scoop her up and nuzzle her back to contentment. They have screaming contests that would break glass, but their giggles during the game and approving looks at one another's pitch keeps me from stopping them very often. They've recently started hugging. When Jude initiates, Ada shoves him away. When Ada initiates, Jude squeezes her back and sighs "Oh, Ada..." and then freaks out when she tries again. "ONE hug, Ada!" The best is when she absentmindedly pats his shoulder while they're watching TV, or when he holds his banana out to her and she takes a bite:)

Ada loves to giggle! And she's easy:) Funny faces and noises get her every time. She loves cuddling and the best time of day is bedtime. She straddles me and buries her head on my chest, sticks her 2 fingers in her mouth, and practically purrs while I rock her and stroke her hair. She's a lover and a snuggler and a truster.

Ada Nee-Nee, you have our hearts completely. We thank God for entrusting us with your sweet little self. You add immeasurable joy to every single day. You are THE most beautiful girl I've ever seen and we love you from here to forever.


Cherrylynn and Ethan said...

Oh, Sweet Ada. Happy Half Bday. We love you. And we miss you - I appreciate this update - we've missed so much. :(

See you soon! I can't wait to gobble up that great little personality and teach you how to say 'Aunt

Cherrylynn, Ethan, Cadalyn and Ainsley

Lauren said...

She is so precious!!! Thanks for sharing the update on her. I hope to see you guys soon!! Love you:)