Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer Recap

It felt like a long summer. It was just a hard season for me, but things are slowly getting better and better. I've been on an emotional merry-go-round (not roller coaster!) because I seem to cycle back through the same lineup of feelings again and again, although with less intensity each round. Ever since we lost the baby, its gone something like this: heartbreak/sadness, completely forgetting about it, out of the blue anger, then calm perspective. Repeat. Repeat. For the record, I prefer the "Calm Perspective" phase, but I get that I'll continue to revisit those others for a while. It is what it is. But by and large-- and by the good grace of God--I'm okay.

We're all okay, actually. The summer's been peppered with lots of good stuff: Jude riding his bike (with no training wheels!), learning to write and sound out some short words, taking a big interest in robots and transformers, and really starting to be more social and excited to be with his friends. He's in his third and last year at MSPC and goes three days a week this year. He hasn't shed a single tear this year and comes home excited about his day and what he did, which makes me really happy. In fact, until recently I was pretty set on holding him back from Kindergarten til he's 6, but with how he's blossoming (I'm sorry, I can't think of another word) lately and being so eager to learn, Ted and I are considering it for next year. We've also thought about signing him up for a sport soon, since he's been eyeing some of the older boys on the playground by our house lately while they practice. We registered for flag football lessons but it didn't end up working out since there weren't enough kids registered, so we might apply it to some baseball lessons later. I feel like he's getting to an age where life starts speeding up, and filling with more activities. I've sort of resisted busy schedules with the kids...I don't know why. Childhood is so short, and there's something precious to me about being able to wake up a few days a week and ask the kids, "What do you want to do today?"I want to keep away the "tyranny of the urgent" as long as possible I guess. Or maybe I'm just super lazy and like to sleep in and hang out in my PJ's until lunch, and now I have people to do it with:)

Ada is at school once a week and loves it. Like, LOVES it. I thought about putting her in Jude's co-op since she's old enough now, but if I was co-oping for 2 kids, I'd be there all the time. So she's just in CDI, but its across the hall from Jude's class and she has so much fun. Apparently, she's potty trained at school, but not at home. Hmm. When I try to get her to go potty at home, she actually yells her teacher's name and runs away from me.

She and I have "girls day" Mondays and Fridays now while Jude's gone, and its awesome. She's a funny, funny girl and we're starting to have some intelligible conversations now, which makes me equally proud of how big she's becoming and equally want to put a lid on her head to stop her!

What else? Ted and I went to Chicago for a quick getaway in July and did all the UN-kid-friendly stuff we could squeeze in: long slow walks with no destination, an hour's wait for deep dish pizza, a loud bar for a beer, high heels, newspaper at breakfast, kayaking.

Jude (and Ada, when her words allow) has been begging to go camping, so we borrowed a huge, sweet tent from some friends and drove to our friend Sam's hunting property near Ohio a couple weeks ago and had a blast. I think the key to it all was keeping it short and sweet. We got there late afternoon, set up the tent, built a fire, Ted and Jude caught a fish and threw it back, we made dinner, played with sticks, pee-peed in the woods, made s'mores, Ted told a spooky campfire story at night about Dora and Diego (I can't let him see this before I publish it!), went crazy with flashlights in the tent for a while before going to sleep, and we packed up and left when we woke up. Wham, bam. They did awesome and had the time of their lives, and it was really nice to do something different.

The boys went to the Colts preseason game. Jude is digging the game more and more each year.
To celebrate Gramp's 65th birthday, the whole (Mosey) family went to New Buffalo, MI for a weekend. The kids had fun playing at the beach, checking out the lake, and making some memories with their cousin Annabel.

Ted went to Mexico with his brother Pete over the summer too, and they built a house for a family. I'm really happy they got to spend some time together, and Ted said it was a great trip. He's still full steam ahead with school, and he's in his third quarter now and finishes in April after a trip to Europe with his class. I've been pretty busy with work, and its a lot easier to get done now that school started back up and I have some time alone. It didn't come a day too soon...Ada actually clung to my leg hysterically screaming "POOP!" during my last phone interview with a renowned chef, God love her. I'm also taking a class at Butler this fall. Its a fiction writing workshop and a writer friend of mine recommended I apply. I've never thought about writing fiction, but I'm really excited to take an actual writing class (the professor is also a novelist) and be on a college campus again.

So, the summer had its ups and downs. We hosted our annual block bbq last weekend, which we always do at the very end of summer to kick off the Fall. I say this every year, but I'm READY! Bring on the cooler weather and new season. 


Cherrylynn said...

POOP! Ha! Thanks for the update and the picture of Ada on the potty. It all made me smile.


Beth said...

That Ada screams her teacher's name and runs from the potty just made me laugh so hard I cried. That's awesome. Great pictures and blog. :)