Friday, January 4, 2013

All the Holidays...and baby

I don't know where to start, as is always the case when I let the blog get away from me for too long. All the holidays, I guess? I'm sure each one could have been an entire post, but I'll package them all up:
Halloween: 1 robot + 1 minnie mouse + too much candy
Thanksgiving: Tennessee + gobs of good food + crazy cousins + good sister time + car trouble :/

Christmas was really nice this year. We stayed in town and relaxed, eating our way from one family member's house to the next and enjoying the company. I really like being able to get our fill of both of the dynamics of Ted's extended family and mine--there are three grandkids on the Mosey side and seven on the Hensley side. Holidays in Nashville are wild and fun and filled with lots of laughing and chaos. Its so fun to all stay in the same house and have coffee by the fire in the mornings and watch each others' kids grow. (Lauren and I also discovered that our children have completely different accents this past visit! I suppose it was inevitable raising kids in Arkansas and Indiana, but man--I've really disturbed the family tree on this kids are Yankees!)
Holidays in Indy are saner, with appropriate nap times and bedtimes and more space to talk and listen and savor the day. They are both completely wonderful, and that's why I'm so glad we get opportunities for both. We are more than lucky!

The news is slowly coming out that we're expecting another baby. I'm realizing how long I've been blogging when I can count 4 times I've posted that news here:-) And here it is again. I'm almost 15 weeks along and have experienced a pretty broad range of feelings so far--very very excited and thankful of course, but also very very anxious. I'm on Lovenox (anticoagulant) this time and its really not that bad, and gives me some peace of mind. But I know in my gut that no amount of Lovenox, or prenatal vitamins or yoga or finger-crossing can keep my babe completely safe. Only God can, and its a tall order to hand over to him as a mom, it is. I've caught myself blinking back tears driving to my last few dr. appointments out of fear that lightning will strike twice, and each time these verses have drowned out my thoughts loudly and unexpectedly:

"God--your God--is striding ahead of you. He's right there with you. He won't let you down; He won't leave you. Don't worry." Deut 31:6 (Message)

"The Lord your God will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard."
Isaiah 52:12

He's ahead of me and behind me. He's got my front and my back. I wasn't wracking my brain for those words--God just shoved them into my head when my thoughts started spinning out.

I still miss James. Being pregnant again really hasn't touched that. But it has changed the tone in our house, and the kids are excited and we are, too. (Ada keeps pointing to her belly and asking when she can grow a baby inside. Whoa, sister.) And I feel good. I've always thought it was amazing that I have very few pregnancy symptoms, but I kind of wish for them now! We hope to meet this baby June 30.

14 weeks

14 weeks


Melanie Heaviland said...

congratulations to your sweet, growing family. I am very happy for you and I wish there were words that could take away your anxiety but you wouldn't be a mom if you didn't feel anxious about your babies now would you? Cheers to you and hoping for an uneventful and wonderful next 25 weeks! Melanie

Lauren said...

We are excited for you and your growing family. Keep giving those worries to GOd and He will bless you with exactly what you need, day by day and moment by moment. We are praying over you guys. Love you!

Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

Congratulations Moseys! So happy for your family!! What a blessing!