Friday, July 6, 2007

The College Years...

Our friends from college (Western Kentucky) came up to stay with us last weekend! Dan and his lovely wife Bethan from Louisville, along with Nick and his lovely girlfriend Jen from Cincinnati. We grilled out and then hit the town, and it was so great to catch up and be able to reminisce about the past and talk about the future. Bethan and I are especially proud that our husbands no longer work in the smoky, roach-infested liquor store that employed them both during college..but hey, they had to pay for our dates SOMEHOW...
We both had the day off work for the 4th of July, so Ted went fishing and I enjoyed my ideal morning consisting of coffee, the paper, and the Food Network:) We met up with another couple for fireworks, and watched them downtown from the roof of the parking garage that I use for work. Somehow, I've never seen the fireworks in Indy before...we've gone down to Arkansas to see my sister the past few years for the 4th, but this year she's 9 months pregnant so we're saving our trip for a little later!
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! XOXO