Monday, July 16, 2007

New Jersey/New York

We drove (yes drove) up to New Jersey on Thursday to see Ted's cousin Ian get married. Despite the fact that they chose "Friday the 13th" as their wedding date, everything was lovely and it was a beautiful wedding! They were married in Basking Ridge, which was an adorable town that completely changed my former opinion of New Jersey...for the better...His beautiful bride Amanda will be moving with him down to Bowling Green, KY in a few weeks so that Ian can go back to school at WKU. This means we will actually get to see them pretty often, as Ted and I were just lamenting the fact that we know NOBODY in Bowling Green anymore and are itching for a reason to stop by on our way to Nashville (other than Zaxby's Chicken, of course).
We took the train to NYC on Saturday and spent the day literally wandering around, holding hands and slurping iced coffee...we didn't exactly have an agenda. We did the "touristy" things on our last visit, and I had the chance to visit a few times in college (my best friend Blair went to school there for a while). Ted wanted to check on the construction at Ground Zero, which is coming along about as quickly as can be expected. He proceeded to get into a lively "debate" with some conspiracy theorists who were drawing lots of attention to themselves and shouting that 9/11 was an inside job, our government is deceiving us, conspiring against us, oppressing us, yadda yadda... Sometimes, I'd like to whisk people like that across the world and drop them off in a country that REALLY knows what oppression is...Winston Churchill probably said it best: "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others..."
After that, we shopped a little, visited the Farmer's Market, took a walk in Central Park, and had dinner. We drove 11 hours home yesterday, which I'd never recommend to anyone, but we survived the road trip and actually sort of enjoyed the drive. Congrats again to Ian and Amanda!!


SLO said...

You guys look great! Glad you had fun this weekend on your trip, even though it was a long drive:) Hopefully you will be heading to Arkansas soon too!!