Monday, June 16, 2008

Teddy's 1st Father's Day

Ted celebrated his first Father's Day yesterday. We had hoped to have the baby by Father's Day or better yet, ON Father's Day, and we definitely got our wish! I'll just take this opportunity to rave about Ted right now...he is amazing. I knew he would make a great father even when we were just dating (which I kept to myself, talk about a "deal breaker" if I had blurted that one out in college!) and when I was pregnant, he slipped into this mode that was so cool to watch. Fathers plan, prepare, and love so differently than mothers and I believe kids need those two different dynamics equally from day one. Ted focused on our longterm goals and our finances and I read a bunch of newborn books and picked out snuggly blankets and cute outfits, and its neat to see how those two approaches can combine to make a balanced family. Ted has been a dream to have around with Jude, and has bent over backwards to make sure we both have everything we need and then some. We sure are lucky to have him.

Ted's brother Peter flew in from Santa Fe for the weekend to meet his new nephew. We got some great family time in, and Jude was really excited to hang with his aunt, uncle, and both of his Gramps.

Other than that, we're just trying to stay alive on the amount of sleep we're getting! He likes to remind us he's there pretty often during the night, and we've gotten accustomed to 4, maybe 5 hours at the most. We turned a corner last night, though, if you want to call it that. Jude decided recently that he wants to freak out each time I leave him alone in his crib, and I barely stumble back to bed and fall asleep for 5 minutes before he cries. Ted remembered how well Jude sleeps in his car seat and said we should try it. So...we put him in his car seat, set it in the nursery, turned the monitor on, and went to sleep, ALL of us, for 3 hours in a row! He woke up once to eat, and then slept again for 3 hours! Hallelujah! I feel a little guilty that I put my son to bed in a car seat, but hey.....if it works, right?


Kim N. said...

Caroline & Ted,
All 3 of our kids spent their early weeks or months sleeping mostly in their carsets, especially at night (right next to my side of the bed). Maybe I should have mentioned that in class....
So, don't feel guilty!

Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

He is so darn cute! :)

Beth said...

I agree-- ABC slept in her swing for the first two months and I was scared she'd never sleep in her crib. That's the only place she'll sleep now. It really is just about surviving 'by any means necessary' in the beginning. You guys are doing a great job and Jude is obviously a happy man!