Tuesday, September 9, 2008

God, Guns, and Football

Well, its been an eventful but tiring few days. Tiring because Jude has decided to switch up his schedule a bit. It's nice for me during the day, because he's going a little longer between feedings, but he's also deciding to wake up many times at night. I understand when he wakes up because he's clearly hungry and we had gotten down to once a night, which was fine. But for the past few nights he has woken up 3 or 4 times a night, like an hour after I feed him sometimes. He's pretty easily consoled, if I just pick him up and sway around he falls back asleep quickly, but this is getting unacceptable. I intend to pass this test he's administering, so tonight, Mommy shows no mercy during the non-hungry cries. Sorry, Jude Hammy.
Jude was dedicated at church this past Sunday. It's not a baptism-- that's something I feel should be done with an understanding of its significance--but just a service where your baby is introduced at church, basically. He was a good boy and maintained his composure the whole time:) That night, Jude's Gramp and Thom came over to babysit while Ted and I went to the Colts/Bears game. Unfortunately, we played pretty bad and lost, and the hordes of Bears fans at the game didn't make it any more pleasant....we went down a little early to tailgate with Ted's fraternity buddy from Western, and his girlfriend, who were down from Chicago. I knew it was bad luck to hang out with Bears fans before the game. I knew it!

I signed up to be a volunteer for MOPS (Moms Of Pre-Schoolers). It meets every other Friday at our church building, and I'm in the nursery with the babies, newborns up to a year old. It's nice because I get to bring Jude and be with him, and he seemed to have fun interacting with the other rugrats. I committed to volunteering through December, and I really think I'll enjoy it. The first meeting was this past Friday, and although it was a little chaotic, it was fun. There were so many things I wanted to be able to do and help out with for the past few years, and I just filed them away in my head for "someday" when I wasn't working full time. It's a good feeling to finally be in the "someday" :)
I couldn't resist posting that picture of Jude. He looks like an alien. A cute alien:) Ted bought a gun last week to use for hunting, and went out with his friend Sam to test it on Saturday. We decorated Jude in his shooting glasses when he came home. Look out, Ladies! There's a stud on the rise...