Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Moseys

In South America, instead of celebrating Halloween they celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) a day later. It's connected to a Catholic holiday, All Saints Day, and everyone cooks tons of food. The idea is to make the favorite dishes of your family members who have passed away, and then take it to their graves. The grocery store and market this weekend was INSANE, like the week before Thanksgiving and a snowstorm forecast all rolled into one! Not to mention the employees dressed up in costumes roaming the aisles. But with all this cooking, we were lucky to score some homemade cookies and pastries from Tina, our neighbor and spanish teacher:) It's an interesting holiday, and although I respect the traditions, I still hold that after I'm gone, I won't need cheesecake or caprese salad on my grave....there's bound to be some seriously good food in Heaven, right?

And speaking of seriously good stuff, the Moseys are working on adding another kid to the mix:) I'm 9 weeks along and the baby is doing great. We found a great doctor here and already had an ultrasound. The due date is June 5...Jude's birthday is June 4 and I'm hoping they don't have the same birthday. I'm not sure why, it just seems like unless you're a twin, you deserve to have your own day! Anyway, I've been a little tired and *maybe* a tad more irritable, but otherwise fairly well. I thought I had morning sickness and flailed around the house complaining about it, but later discovered my "morning sickness" conveniently started when I began 10 days of antibiotics for a UTI (sorry if that's too much info) and as soon as I stopped taking it, the nausea magically disappeared! I would come out of the bathroom after a sick episode and tell Ted to get ready for a daughter, since this pregnancy felt so different from the last. But now that things are kind of normal again, I'm back to the drawing board on what the sex is! And for those of you who have already asked...No, we're not finding out again. We have PLENTY of green, white, and orange onesies to cover the first 3 months:)
Does this affect our time in Cochabamba? Yes, and we're still working out the details. The bad thing about trying to plan a family is that you can never really plan correctly, and once again our picture is changing. We came here with a bit less financial support than we needed to cover the year, and we're taking that into account along with what's best for our family and the future needs of the ministry here in Cochabamba. Our plans for now are to have the baby in the U.S. and that means we'll be leaving in enough time to do that, but we're still working on the exact timing. Stay tuned!
Here's the 8 week ultrasound, and the up and coming big brother.

Thanks for already loving this new little one as much as we do!


Emmalee said...

Woooohooo! Baby Mosey2 is just a little nugget :) Can't wait for you to come home and see you 'pregnancy waddling' around downtown!

Renee Wilson said...

Congratulations Ted, Caroline, and Jude!! Asher's birthday is June 5...a good day to be born. We'll be praying for a healthy pregnancy!

The Ross Family said...

Congratulations!!!! We have 2 that share a birthday & it was an emergency c-section & 5 weeks early so there was nothing we could do. We have another two that are a day apart. Then the other two are two weeks apart. Funny! We will be excited to hear what will be happening. Lord willing we will be there at the beginning of the year. Will be sad, we won't have much time to minister together! Talk to you soon. The Ross Family!

The Lingley's said...

CONGRATS!!! We couln't be more THRILLED for you all! You continue stay be in our prayers daily! Looks like LOTS of us will have kids within months of eachother. SO EXCITING!!

Lauren said...

Yay for baby Mosey number 2!! We are so excited for your family and can't wait to meet the newest little member of the family!!!

Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

Congrats Moseys!! Another great addition on the way :) I was thinking girl because of your sickness...I was BEYOND sick for 11 weeks, but we will see in June! Congrats again!!!

Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

Congrats Moseys!! Another great addition on the way :) I was thinking girl because of your sickness...I was BEYOND sick for 11 weeks, but we will see in June! Congrats again!!!

Beth said...

I agree--thought for sure it was a girl, but now that the sickness has another blame, I'm stumped. The only solution is for you to come home right away so I can get a better feeling. :)

I was thinking the other day, and Jude is going to make a wonderful big brother. He's already so kind and patient and compassionate...the big brother role is only going to bring all of his Judeness out. It's gonna be fun to watch.

Love you guys!